Metabolic mess in middle age

We belong to a culture where mothers (and, in fact, everyone) feed their kids lots of nice foods and lots of them. Modern science has studied this phenomenon and I have to say this: you may be rearing your child in a way where their health suffers to life-threatening levels.

They are the Four P’s of Fat Loss :

Why talk in such extreme and unpleasant language, you ask? Look at some simple facts:

  • 10-15% of kids are fat.
  • Fat kids suffer from adult type diseases like Type II diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea and gallstones.
  • 80% of fat adolescents become fat adults, with a severely high risk of getting severe diseases like cancer and heart disease and even premature death. This is scientifically documented.
  • Middle class families have fatter kids compared to rich ones, surprisingly.
  • Kids of fat parents tend to be fatter.

They are the Four P’s of Fat Loss :

So, why is this childhood obesity epidemic happening, for the first time in human history?
Obviously, junk food is playing a big part. The Americanisation of our diet is showing up in the increasing sizes of kids clothings. A side effect is the common sight of young boys sprouting big breasts, reflecting female hormone activity (another subject for later). How grotesque and sad! this is not what we should be doing first. This is a last resort, when we accept that nothing else would work.

So, if we reduce a complex subject of childhood obesity to a few bullet points,

Here is what we need to learn:

  1. Children should not be obese. It is a serious, lifetime issue.
  2. Adult-type diseases occur in fat kids, so wake up and act for your kids!
  3. Let your children play, and stop them watching TV and PC games so much!
  4. Stop buying processed foods and stocking them at home (chips, cookies, noodles, etc.).
  5. If you are fat, your kid is likely to be, too. Lead by example, and get on the job.
  6. Bariatric surgery is a last resort for severely obese children and should be considered boldly when necessary. If we accept the responsibility for children’s obesity, we would be forcing ourselves to act. So, to repeat me, take action now!